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To Collect or not to collect

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User Info: darkhare

3 years ago#21
i had a pretty good time collecting all the stuff in battle block theature, probably because i played the whole thing through co-op with my wife and kid. the mini-games are freaking awesome for family gaming fun.
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User Info: levyjl1988

3 years ago#22
A lot of collectables actually driven me away from games and completing games.
Things such as Lost Planet collectables, Bioshock, Alan Wake, etc. I just stopped playing, hell even all those Assassin's Creed. Hell I couldn't even beat any of those games. There is way too much fluff and I get distracted way too often that I just stop playing.

Games like Dark Souls 2 are near perfect of what a game should be. The experience is driven in a way that maps are memorized and you get better as you learn. After playing Dark Souls it's very difficult to play any other game that doesn't have the same attention to detail and handcraftedness for gamers. A don't have much time to game, but the pacing is excellent.
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User Info: etymologist

3 years ago#23
I understand what you're saying about being careful what you wish for...but I didn't ask for it. Hence, I can reject hand holding and not feel like a hypocrite!
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User Info: Mrluzo

3 years ago#24
To clarify, I do like Far Cry 3, a lot in fact. I have collected most of the loot treasure chests on the first island and feel I am ready to move to the next island with sufficient weaponry and money. The collecting of more loot chests does not appeal to me anymore. However, that said, I shall still collect the icons and letters, that is a lot of collecting in one game.

So, I am also playing Assassins Creed 4. I love the Assassins Creed series, but, again another collection heavy game. Whilst the treasure chests and fragments can be easily picked up, it does seem to be suffocating gameplay somewhat.

Of course I know it is not essential to collect everything, but it does play on one's mind slightly in so far as I am near a treasure, I may as well collect it. Now I am near another one, etc. Which does distract from the main story of the game.

User Info: BlueJester007

3 years ago#25
I never really minded collectables just as long as they aren't crucial to making the game more fun. In other words, if I need to go around the whole map collecting something just to get my character a new weapon, outfit, vehicle, or whatever, then I don't like that. Just give me the item by either letting find it somewhere in the environment, killing an enemy for it, or just by buying it in a store. I don't want to use a guide just to make the game better.
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User Info: 0ofreako0

3 years ago#26
Kurgan777 posted...
Why does this same f***ing topic come up every 2 or 3 months???

If you don't want to actually PLAY the game you just bought, get rid of it.

B****ing about collectibles in games that you don't feel like hunting for is the same as all the lazy ass people that flock to every Borderlands 2 board on the net who want all the highest level gear duped for them so they don't have to put in the time to do the missions or farm for that gear.

"u cant calmly point out stuff you dont like, but i can throw a giant fit about you not liking it. AHHHHHHHLKSDJFG;SLKEHGSLKH >;/"
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