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Is two worlds 2 that bad of a game....

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User Info: Mindbend8er

1 month ago#1
Just curious
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User Info: cmbryu

1 month ago#2
its honestly allright just allright. very clunky 5 or 6 out 10
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User Info: FireDrakeZ

1 month ago#3
I thought it was ok. Recent ratings on steam are 81% positive for this game.

User Info: OgesMC

1 month ago#4
Very good game, no idea what everyone else is talking about. The first one of course is very bad.
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User Info: KakkaKarrotKake

1 month ago#5
I I thought it was really good. Played it so much back in 2011 that I initially disliked Skyrim.

I think I heard that it is actually getting DLC soon.

User Info: beautifuldreams

1 month ago#6
the new dlc is on PC, it seems like when they added the new DLC they also removed console command cheats from the game, and added microtransactions, which understandably pissed players off (they since reversed course)

User Info: FireDrakeZ

1 month ago#7
I have this on PC. It has 2 dlc story expansions, an old one from 2011 Pirates of the Flying Fortress which was very well received and has high ratings and a new graphically enhanced one released a few months ago called Call of the Tenebrae which had a bit of a mixed review(most of the negative reviews came from those who didn't like the addition of microtransactions).

They also added a new Digital Deluxe Package which I bought(was on sale for $1.74 at that time) that included novellas(4 stories), a 72 page artbook, a 112 page compendium, several maps, posters, an avatar pack, and several bonus items:
Two Worlds II Bonus Items (Anatros Sword, Elexorian Sword, MalielĀ“s Downfall Speer, Dragon Scale Armor, Dusty Scroll Labyrinth Map)
Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress Bonus Items (Solefist Hammer, Platinum Pirate Badge, Arbalest of Demolition Crosbow).

The developer was saying that they have plans of making Two Worlds 3 as well.

User Info: andri_g

1 month ago#8
I watched my friend play TW II a month after it released. It seemed messy: collision errors, etc (probably patched now, but those things disrupted its overall feel).

Are you looking for a game with something specific: game-play, environments, and so on, or is TW II the only game you want to know about?

User Info: FireDrakeZ

1 month ago#9
They are also supposed to add another expansion soon on PC, entitled Shattered Embrace, two multiplayer map packs, and other digital content. A season pass will be made available when that comes out I believe.

I am not sure if they will make all this additions available on the Xbox 360 in the future as the new expansions have been graphically enhanced using an upgraded engine. It might be released on the Xbox One instead.

User Info: candlefighter

1 month ago#10
OgesMC posted...
Very good game, no idea what everyone else is talking about. The first one of course is very bad.

I thought the first one was good. Ended up getting like 50-60 hours into it.
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