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VII. Most Commonly asked questions on this board*Snadados*

1. Q. What kind of HDMI cable do I need and which one is the best?*rallysportev*
An HDMI cable is a universal cable. HDMI is a digital signal and there is virtually no difference from a $5 cable and a $100 cable. The only reason to buy a higher quality cable would be for lengths of over 25 feet. Even then, a 24AWG cable is more than sufficient and not much more expensive. The most you should pay at a brick & mortar establishment is $30 and no more than $15 shipped, online, for a 6-12ft. cable. The most popular site for cables is

2. Q. I just moved my PS3 to another TV using a different A/V output and I forgot to change my output settings, what do I do?
Hold the power button for 5 seconds on startup to default your video output to whatever type of cable you currently have connected.

Same info, different wording:*UseMyExciter*
So, you had your PS3 hooked up to your fancy 1080p TV via, then took it to your friend's house with his crappy SDTV and had to hook it up using a composite connection. And suddenly, OMG, the display doesn't work! Here's the simple solution:

Press and hold the power button while turning on the PS3.

This will reset all the display settings and show you the display setup that you saw the first time you turned the PS3 on. You'll have to change it back when you get back home, though.

3. Q. Should I buy a PS3, Wii, or Xbox360?
There is no real answer to this as it depends on you, as a gamer. Look at the releases/future releases for the systems and determine which suit your needs. Gaming has become an expensive hobby and I sure as hell would not let a stranger sway how I feel about spending my money.

4. Q. When’s the next firmware update and what’s going to be added to the store this week?
Trust me, if anyone has an answer to these questions, the first few pages would be plastered with topics covering this. As mentioned earlier, Sony is rather hush about updates.

5. Q. What games should I get?
These topics are inevitable and technically don’t belong. But if you must, provide details on what you have and what your interests are. This will make getting an answer much quicker.