PS2/PS3 Save Files FAQ

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I am going to say it right here. Right now. English isn't my first language, please pardon my mistakes. There are a couple topics about Save File everyday. I just needed to do this.

Post 1: PS3 Game Saves (Call of Duty 4, Ridge Racer 7, Folkore..etc)
Post 2: PS2 Game Saves on PS3 (Final Fantasy XII, Devil May Cry 3... etc)

**PS3 Game Saves - Transferring Save File from PC to PS3

1) How/Where do i download game saves for PS3 games (Such as Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed)?

- Gamefaqs provide a large selection of game saves for us. Simply go under 'Game Saves' for the game you want and download the 'Save Game File' (which is a zip file).

2) What do i do with the zip file ?

- Unzip the file
- Create new folder (name it PS3) in your USB Flash Drive.
- Create another folder inside the PS3 folder, name it 'SAVEDATA'

In most cases, the file you unzip would be a folder named something like this 'BCUS98103'. DO NOT rename it.

- Drag the folder into PS3/SAVEDATA

3) What's next?

- Turn on your PS3
- Plug your USB stick into the USB slot on your PS3
- Under Game > Saved Data Unity, 'USB Device' should appear on the top, select that
- Hit triangle when you see the save on your USB stick, select 'Copy'

**PS3 Game Saves - Transferring Save File from PS3 to PC

1) I want to share my save with people on gamefaqs! What do i do!?

- Plug your USB stick into the PS3
- Go under Game > Saved Data Unity
- Select the save you want, hit triangle and select 'Copy'

2) Done that, what's next?

The save will appear under the PS3 > SAVEDATA > (Game Save Folder)

- Zip the folder and upload it.