PS2/PS3 Save Files FAQ

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Please understand the fact that PS3 reads .psv file.

PS2 Game Saves - Transfering Save File from PS2 Memory Card to PS3

- Buy a 'PS3 Memory Card Adaptor'. It's the ONLY way to transfer saves from PS2 Memory card directly onto the PS3

PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save - PC to PS3

These are the PS2 saves that can be transfer through a USB stick to your PS3. Once again, please understand the fact that PS2 MaxDrive/Sharkport/Codebreaker saves WON'T work here, as PS3 ONLY reads .PSV save file. Popluar game such as 'Final Fantasy XII' already has a 'PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save' uploaded. These are the saves that can be downloaded/use for your PS3.

- Download the zip file from the Game Saves Page
- Unzip it. The file would be named something like 'BASLUS-2167844425A5433.PSV'. DO NOT rename
- Create a Folder name PS3 on your USB Stick. Inside, make another folder name EXPORT. Inside, that, make a folder name PSV
- Plug in your USB Stick
- Put the file in PS3/EXPORT/PSV/ (put the .psv file you downloaded here)
- Remove your USB stick and plug it into your PS3

- Go under Game > Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)
- Select 'USB Device' at the top,
- Find your save file, and hit triangle, then select 'Copy'

PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save - PS3 to PC

- Plug your USB stick into your PS3
- Go under Game > Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)
- Select the save you want, hit Triangle. Copy it to USB Stick
- Zip that file on your PC then upload

How to transfer PS2 MaxDrive/CodeBreaker/AR saves?

PLEASE Understand that there is no 'PSV Converter' yet.
If there is a PS2 save file you really want to play on your PS3 but there is no 'PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save' for it. There is one way to convert it.

- Go dig up whatever cheat device you had (Sharkport? MaxDrive?)

- Download the save file that works on your cheat device. Unzip it
- Transfer the savefile to your PS2 with your cheat device

- Run out and buy a 'PS3 Memory Card Adaptor' for your PS3

- Transfer the save from your PS2 memory card to your PS3 using the newly bought PS3 Memory Card Adaptor
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