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PS2/PS3 Save Files FAQ

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User Info: fading_starr

9 years ago#51
there's actually a converted max file for FF12 (PAL version) on gamefaqs... it's the same one.
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User Info: LionHeart823

9 years ago#52
Ohh, trust me, those guys ( i am work for that site) can convert anything,. lol
There is not a program that i know can convert save to .psv now.

Give them a save format in any format and BAM!, it will be in psv format.
I will eventually open up my own conversion form here on FAQ too..

i just need to make sure it isn't against TOS of gamefaqs

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User Info: FalconXR8

9 years ago#53
i need help, i don't know what i'm doing wrong....i made the PS3>SAVEDATA folders, unzipped and put the BSCU folder into SAVEDATA, but when i plug it into my PS3, the only option is has is "Information"

User Info: LionHeart823

9 years ago#54
PS3/SAVEDATA/ (BSCU folder here)

It should work. Make sure your USB Stick isn't locked/protected. Unplug and replug.

- Under Game > Saved Data Unity, 'USB Device' should appear on the top, select that.

After that, you should see your save inside the USB stick, hit Tri and select copy

~There are many worlds but they share the same sky~
One sky, One destiny. PSN: LionHeart1203

User Info: Punisher

9 years ago#55
I like saving games. :3
..P.....h..r `._.
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User Info: xooq

9 years ago#56
sorry about the rehashed question, but why is it that you cant just download an already converted ps2 save straight to the ps3 hdd with its own browser?

User Info: Sony4evr

9 years ago#57
im glad this was sticked a very helpful topic *cheers to TC*
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User Info: TOWaWcMystery

9 years ago#58
i am wondering if iuse max drive which is a flash device that i use for so many other things would this work for the ps3 save and also if so, why does it keep telling me "Please insert the disk of the Multi-Volume set and click OK" everytime i got to extract it?
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User Info: Boney00

9 years ago#59
I apologize if this has already been covered and I overlooked it. I was wondering if you can transfer a PS2 game save to a memory stick and copy it to the PS2 memory card utility of your PS3?
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User Info: otiss0908

9 years ago#60
hi does any know where i can find tekken 1&2 ps3 saves
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