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Metal gear solid 1 boss help (spoilers)

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User Info: DragonXgbft

6 years ago#31
nayss posted...
fun fact: Campbell tells you how to beat him after a while.

he tells you to switch controller ports.


User Info: Im_Boldwin

6 years ago#32
This thread is intensely nostalgic. The only way to figure out how to beat the bosses in MGS back in the day was read Playstation magazines or ask my buddies at school...
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User Info: masamako

6 years ago#33
Hey guys?

Remember the Gameshark codes in the Playstation magazines?

And who remembers the mini guide you got in the back of the official Playstation magazine for the demo that came with it (Might have only been in Europe)?

Man, the nostalgia...
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User Info: F_H_Nukem

6 years ago#34
"her codek number is on the back of the CD case!!"

random person - "F***! I BOUGHT IT USED!!!"

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User Info: zmethos

6 years ago#35
I got a bit worried because I played MGS for the first time on the PSP, and didn't know if the CD case was included.
Btw, the MGS1 that comes with the Essential Collection does come with a different cover, which doesn't have this Codec number! D:
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User Info: PuffNStuff91

6 years ago#36
nykin04 posted...
Oh this topic is delicious.

Psycho Mantis is awesome. My DCU hero looks almost like him xD
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