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So is playstation move considered FAIL?

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User Info: TheRavenKC123

6 years ago#61
If companies didn't copy each other there would only be 2 or 3 different brands of televisions.
BioWare and Bethesda rule!

User Info: dj___roll

6 years ago#62
Shibuto posted...
From: bsballa09 | #020
Try again?
Alright more specific then...the tracking is vastly different form what the Wii does, it relies heavily on the camera and a bright object in order for it to work. While the Wii uses full sensing on IR or any source of light without the sensor bar. So not sure where you're getting that the Wii copied from Sony...

Motion Sensing =/= Motion Tracking.

The only difference between the Wiimote and Move with regards to the tracking/movement tech is that the Wiimote has the low res "cameras" that track the lights as a relative source for movement where the Move has the light attached and is tracked by the Eyetoy camera.

Both are essentially the same technology in that specific regard, but employed in slightly different ways. Both are still tracking.

They also both "Motion Sense" because of the accelerometers, although the Move also tends to track the twisting and 360 degree movement better because it is not reliant on needing to see 2 points of light in front of it like the Wii does. With the addition of the Wiimote+ add-on, Nintendo has closed that gap. But because of it being an add on, not all games will take advantage of it. boldly split infinitives that no man had split before...

User Info: dj___roll

6 years ago#63
Hollywood nWo posted...
Ape Escape is very fun, House of the Dead was great on the Wii that will be fun, The Fight Lights Out, The Shoot, Tumble, Sports Champions. Those games you wouldn't be able to play otherwise, they are easily worth the experience, and worth the Move purchase. Then throw in all the other games that are compatible.

Do I regret buying it? No way. But I do believe it is on a quick road to failure. Not because they are not supporting it, because they are, but because most games don't require it. Most people are not "forced" to buy it.

This is true. Look at any add on peripheral compared to one that's built in from the start. Built in will always succeed over add on as an add on just creates a sub division within a division of the market. boldly split infinitives that no man had split before...

User Info: AdmiralBison

6 years ago#64
deathsaber79 posted...
Move is what it is: An optional control option for PS3 players who choose to have it. If people want to play Killzone/Socom/MAG, lightgun shooters, Tiger Woods, or casual stuff with them they can. However, they aren't shoving them down our throughts and still very much featuring hardcore games on ps3 unlike MS and the Kinect. Other than Gears, all of the exclusives are now Kinnect- even the next Fable game, ugh.
Imagine if Sony decided Uncharted 3 was to be a Move exclusive....yeah I'm pleased with how the Move was implemented

Microsoft havn't really focused on their exclusives like Sony has and most of their games are multiplat and third party- this isn't an actual problem because if it is the Xbox360 wouldn't sell as well as it does and it wouldn't get a higher game attach ratio.Also those ggames that use Kinect like Gears and Forza is optional and so what if MS$ makes exclusives that just use Kinect? They are doing this to target another segment of the market , but the Xbox360 still gets a ton of core games.
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