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Earth Defense Force: buy it now

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User Info: Dragovian1

6 years ago#11
Bought and playing. Awesome game. This and Skyrim were the only home console games I was looking forward to this year. So far, this has exceeded my expectations ;)

P.S. I was glad to hear that Gamestop seems to have ordered more copies, so it's popularity is rising :D
Playing: GBA- Final Fantasy V / PSP- Valkyria Chronicles 2, Dynasty Warriors vol. 2 / 360- EDF: Insect Armageddon

User Info: TheRatedR_Viper

6 years ago#12
To all you people whining you can't find it- this is why preordering games isn't some evil scheme for GS to make money. With games like this they only order like 2 more than what was preordered
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