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Opinions about yakuza 3

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User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#11
It's not a matter of understanding it, Varron. It's a matter of giving a flying **** about it. I understand it no problem, but the depth of the story is still quite shallow all things considered. They hardly going into psychological analysis of what motivates drives him. Little more is explored than 'no one was there for me, and I want to be there for them'. Great, but don't build a fighting/combat game around passivity.


Sure the story fundamentally revolves around the idea that he is fighting to protect that which is important to him, but its not exactly compelling when you consider how 1, 2 and 4 unfolded.

It's not a bad game, but there isn't really much to understand, its just shallow and superficial. It didn't need to happen for as long as it did either (you spend roughly half the game doing stuff for the orphanage...e.g. finding a ****ing dog for haruka. They could have done that in a cut-scene to show his depth and it wouldn't have taken away from the game.

Direction is their choice, but it was poorly cut and what they chose to include for gameplay didn't serve well when it should have been a narrative/cutscene; its for this reason I say its not the best of in the series...but its isn't terrible altogether either.
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User Info: ThePatrick

6 years ago#12
There is a LOT of reading where there should have been more voicing.

I have to be honest here that it would seriously have taken them so incredibly long to full-voice this thing.


Because EVERYONE and EVERYTHING rambles on and on for the TINIEST OF INTERACTIONS in this series. It's part of the charm but also frustrating and annoying when you wanna get 100%, so you go to play mini-games, and every single time you do you have to swim through menus that are all dialogue-driven.

Very obnoxious.

I like the series a lot, of course, and I liked this game a lot. The action was the best in the series at the time, but the story was "meh" compared to the first title's story (and to KENZAN!'s story, but that title never made it to the U.S.).

They also chopped it to pieces, yeah. They took out some 25% of the game. The main story is intact (except for a part where the Japanese game tried to force you into a side mission...they removed that side mission entirely), but they removed lots of side stories and games. Some of the removed content arguably is the charm of the series, so...yeah.

I've always loved the series and recommended it but I also know it has lots of faults and would probably score the Japanese version at maybe 8 or 8.5 at best. Same goes for 4, tho' they did streamline systems a bit (thankfully). I'm playing the zombie shooter spin-off now and I can say another problem with this series is that they just recycle WAY too much stuff to get each title out in their 1-year window. I still like it but it's kinda annoying to do the same exact stuff again, year to year. For instance, if you're going for the Platinum, you'll need to play mini-games, which are pretty much exactly the same from year to year with maybe an added mini-game here or there.

If you like action-RPG-y things with random encounters and lots of character, you don't mind sluggish brawling that's still fun because you can do brutal and hilarious things, you don't mind if it's not a hardcore game with incredibly frenetic action and crazy difficulty, you might try it out. It does have its charm, no doubt.
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