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anyone else notice most people started to dislike CoD when Black Ops came out?

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  3. anyone else notice most people started to dislike CoD when Black Ops came out?

User Info: Schwepps01

6 years ago#31
CellSound posted...
Ahhh, nobody got my post, I guess. I am sad.

i was actually going to quote your post saying "this post wins the topic" but i guess your wallowing in the lack of attention to your joke cancels that out. oh well.

User Info: Duwstai

6 years ago#32
I loved CoD4. Still my favorite multi game this gen. Probably my second favorite all time behind Halo 2.

Skipped WaW since I knew another company was making it, and I was sick of WW2 games, plus I was still just playing the balls out of 4.

Mw2 comes out, and thats when I started feeling luke warm about CoD. Definitely addicting for a while.. but a crap game compared to 4. Just too broken. Then Black Ops comes out... Im skeptical but I decide to give CoD one more chance since they made it seem like they hated all the BS in Mw2.. so I went for it.

Probably a better game than Mw2... but also less fun. It was just really boring and generic online. All weapons felt the same. They just gave them all the same stats... yet 3 guns still stood out head and shoulders above the rest. They absolutely ruined snipers which took a lot of my enjoyment out of the game.

After playing normally for a while and getting bored, I switch to snipers to give myself a challenge and really test my quickness and accuracy. Nothing feels better than pulling off lightning quick one shot kills with the snipers in CoD4. But these were a joke. I could still do well.. but it just wasnt fun. Shots went random and you had to wait this random amount of time until your shot would go straight. Everyone else is running around with 3 shot kill automatics with crazy accuracy that can spray from the hip and spray around corners, yet the already hugely disadvantaged snipers have to wait with their pants down waiting for some arbitrary time to pass before their shot will go accurate. Shoot before that, and even if the crosshair is right on their stupid face (even while compensating for the ridiculous beer goggle effect <oh yeah... sooo realistic. lol>), the shot will randomly miss.

They made it better in a patch, but not by much at all. Still random shots and terrible hit detection.

First game I traded in.... I think ever.
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User Info: Kenaue

6 years ago#33
Modern Warfare had, IMO, the best story, but MW2 had the best levels. That said, I loved how brutal W@W was, and I love BO because of online splitscreen zombies.
Once you figure out what a joke everything is, being the Comedian's the only thing that makes sense.
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  3. anyone else notice most people started to dislike CoD when Black Ops came out?

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