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Installs on PS3 Games

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User Info: ghkilla2012

6 years ago#1
Why do most PS3 games have to install the game before you play, usually around like 3 or 4 gigs worth? I was just curious because I only have a 40gb and its running out of space fast. Is there anyway to get around installing the games before you play them?
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User Info: InstantRiot

6 years ago#2
A lot of PS3 games require installs to speed up loading times... unfortunately the Blu Ray drive is a bit slow.

If a game requires an install, then you have no choice if you want to play it.

I would suggest (aside from buying a bigger hard drive) playing games one at a time, then deleting the install once your done with the game then moving on to the next.
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User Info: ghkilla2012

6 years ago#3
I guess thats what I'll have to do then:/ I tried buying two different harddrives to increase the space but neither of them seemed to work, I assumed because its a Hong Kong PS3 since they worked fine in my 40gb US PS3 i used to use them for.
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User Info: s0uR_ToFu

6 years ago#4
yeah sony needs to fix this, i mean with all the free stuff i went from 60/120 to 15/120 ...jeez thats like 3 more games and its done

User Info: Orbo99

6 years ago#5
Why not just buy bigger drives then?
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User Info: stevetherican

6 years ago#6
For reasons like this it is essential to upgrade drives. My slim has 500gb hdd, i never have to worry about installs ever again. I have 330gb left and 55 retail/26 psn games.
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