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if you have an xbox and a ps3, which system do you buy games for?

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  3. if you have an xbox and a ps3, which system do you buy games for?

User Info: shadothebrain

6 years ago#1
Basically, I've had an xbox for awhile and recently came into a ps3. I only have maybe six games for the xbox, which I could easily sell and reget for the ps. I like the ps and the exclusives for it better than the xbox, but I know more people with an xbox and I like xbox live better than the psn. Obviously the xbox has a high fail rate than ps. Thoughts?
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User Info: Battleship_Gray

6 years ago#2
I used to pick based on online. Then I realized that despite paying for XBL I never use it so now I pretty much pick at random. Now Drawing: Magma (x-men)
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

6 years ago#3
I go back & forth. At the moment normally for PS3.
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User Info: MageofBlood391

6 years ago#4
I get single player games on the PS3 and multiplayer games on the 360.
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User Info: takidigits2005

6 years ago#5
Multiplatform games go on my 360.
Sony exclusives go to my PS3.
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User Info: -Damien-

6 years ago#6
everything goes to my PS3

User Info: rmorton3

6 years ago#7
Xbox whenever possible. PS3 for exclusives, when Gamefly sends me the PS3 copy (when I have both in Q), when PS3 version is on clearance, or when PS3 version comes with extras.
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User Info: davelicious

6 years ago#8
Despite a huge preference for the ps3's controller... lately I've decided to start buying all my games for the 360...

I'm tired of constantly having to delete some game data or videos or something else to make room for a game's install... my ps3 is extremely loud... to the point of making it difficult to hear the dialog in games while also keeping the sound effects volume at a reasonable level.

Plus, it's rare that the ps3 version outperforms the 360 version. I'm not so hot on the 360's controller, the UI for the 360 isn't that great, and paying for online multiplayer is flat out ridiculous... but the 360 is probably going to be my gaming system of choice moving forward through the rest of the generation.
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User Info: Nirvanas_Nox

6 years ago#9
pretty much everything goes to my ps3. i only get RPGs for my 360
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User Info: Klobzi

6 years ago#10
I barely even touch my 360 now. It's pretty much a paperweight at this point. So yeah, PS3 all the way for me.
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  3. if you have an xbox and a ps3, which system do you buy games for?

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