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I'm selling my PS3

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User Info: Mr Marbles

Mr Marbles
6 years ago#11
"You put all of that money into PSN. We can't afford food now! You love that system more than you love us. It's us or it."

If anyone ever made me pick between one of my 360's and them...
Somewhere far beyond
Honest and Happy Multi-Console owner

User Info: gm914

6 years ago#12
husky74 posted...
davelicious posted...
husky74 posted...
davelicious posted...
He probably put the money in a long time ago, never used it and then recently was forced to sell his PS3 due to life's circumstances. It happens.

if you read his post, he put the money in the PSN wallet 2 days ago.

Oh! I must have missed that part. Yeah...then that is weird why someone would dump that much money into the PSN and impulsively decide to sell it in such a very short amount of time? Surely, his life could not have required him to sell it in 2 days time? Unless it was a medical emergency...I guess.

Military Service? IDK
Good job Jeremy.

User Info: Distinct88

6 years ago#13
Wow, a ton of replies here.

Thanks for the help though.

As for everyone wondering, I was car shopping today for my first car, I just got my license because I did something stupid while serving in Afghanistan four years ago and was sentenced a huge fine, 21 days in jail and not being able to get my drivers license before I turn 23. (Found out my dad died while I was overseas, didnt handle it well, got drunk, drove while drunk, and got into a fight with a fellow soldier)

Everyone here in Norway usually gets a crappy car for their first car (Unless their parents buys one for them), I grew up within a pretty poor household, so I decided when I was young that my first car would make every friend of mine filled with envy.

While car shopping today with my girlfriend and our 2 year old daughter, I came upon my dream car.

A red BMW with 300 Horsepower, 19 inch chrome rims, a spoiler, really stylish and state of the art, and I really wanted it. It also has alot of space for the babies, which is gonna make our life so much easier when I can pick up my daughter at kindergarten without having to take the bus with her.

It was out of my price range though, and since I have a mortage on the house and a second baby on the way, I don't want nor need any more debt.

My girlfriend, seeing how much I wanted the car, had a talk with my mother, and long story short, if I come up with 2000$, my mother will lend me the remaining 6000$.

Now I've got 600$, I'm 1400$ short. And after thinking it through, I decided that with a second baby on the way and work, I'll have even less time to game.
So I decided to sell my entire gaming setup.

PS3 Slim 320 GB
28 PS3 games
2 controllers
Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21

Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB
21 Xbox 360 games
Four controllers

46" Samsung LCD
42" Philips LCD

I figured if I sell it all, I'll have enough.

I've been a gamer for 16 years, and I've been loving every second of it. I'll probably return sometime next generation, but right now, I don't have the time or money to continue.
31 000 Gamerscore and 1400 Trophies of good times this generation.

One last questions, can I gift somebody PSN games ?
There's this 13 year old kid from the UK who I've played alot with, and he never has the money for new games. I'm sure he'd like 120$ worth of PSN games.

Thank you.

TLDR: See you next gen! :)

User Info: ja_schaffer

6 years ago#14
Want my advice? Don't waste your money on something you can't even enjoy thanks to trifling things such as speed limits and highway patrolman.
This message was posted from Lynx.
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