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What was your reaction when you played a game in HD for the first time?

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User Info: Starbucks_Fan

6 years ago#1
I was pretty wowed.
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User Info: Blood_of_Sokar

6 years ago#2
My first HD game was Motorstorm.

My first reaction was to clean up the blood streaming down my face from the jaggies that cut my eyes. After I adjusted to that, though, I was also pretty wowed.
PSN: Vallanthaz
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User Info: ipwnu713

6 years ago#3
my first games were NBA 07 and Ridge Racer. i was pretty amazed when i played them.
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User Info: TryTheVeal

6 years ago#4
Motorstorm was my first as well.
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User Info: CthulhuDagon

6 years ago#5
Well since I've been playing PC games for quite a while it was a slow creep, not an instant Wowzers! effect. It was still nice to get an hdtv and play PS3 on it, but I'd seen it for quite some time on PC. I mean, when I got my PS3 I had already played Crysis on my PC.
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User Info: tactikz4

6 years ago#6
mine was Bad comapny 2 i swaer i almost sold the game when used to play on SDTV but after trying in HD damn i was like WTF lol and NFS shift aswell
PSN: tactikz4
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User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#7
The first game I played in HD was Ikaruga HD, and my first thought was "the increased particle effects make it a LOT harder to tell what's going on".

I was a lot more amazed by the first game I played in 3D (which was Ridge Racer 3D). - Watch me beat "SNES Ganbare Goemon 2" - My backloggery

User Info: Cowboys4u86

6 years ago#8
I was wowed. Think the first game I played in HD was Uncharted.

User Info: Grizzle1981

6 years ago#9
My first HD game was Batman: Arkham Asylum ... i needed a towel.
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User Info: Blaze627

6 years ago#10
I think it was Wipeout for me. Was pretty cool.
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