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Buying used games.....

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User Info: EG9_SIR

6 years ago#71
STUNseed I completely agree with you, and understand exactly what you meant.

To the poster that posted his story about fencing and not being able to afford it until he got a job and saved for a USED car. Why did you buy a car used instead of new? Was it because you didn't want to support the manufacture. A car is by definition a luxury item. Which is why the DMV says your license is a privilige not a right. So if Auto makers required passes to use extra features beyond driving on used cars then you would be ok with that.

What's the difference between used cars and used games when there's used dealers like used game stores.

To the rest of the supporters fo this buy used does x to the developers, do you guys even know anybody in the industry because I do. Got to go to e3 because of what Im doing and who I know.
First off recently a lot of developers have been on contract, so they only recieve what is agreed upon before they start working on the game. Developers are lucky if they get residuals from the game sells in the first place.(this is why infinity ward leads left and had a lawsuit with activision. Activision didn't want to pay residuals because they didn't expect cod4 mw to sell as much, which meant they owed millions instead of the normal 10-15k if a game sells well. People that think they are supporting the devs are really supporting the publishers. Devs are let go when a project is complete and maybe called for return work when another project comes up. Crazy work hours are expected when a company falls behind and doesn't meet it's deadline, crunch time has to happen if that studio wants to maintain funding. The law requires overtime pay and the companies can be sued if it's not.
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User Info: stunSEED

6 years ago#72
Thank you kind sir. And a well worded post might I add. I was really beginning to wonder if it was just a free-for-all throw crazy, insane posts up there for a bit. I finally quit posting. But it truly is a breath of fresh air knowing at least SOMEONE understood the point I was trying to throw out there. And you are EXACTLY DEAD ON on the used car issue. In fact I just posted on another topic like this one that if I buy a brand new Mazda, and my neighbor gets a used Mazda, how insane would it be if he had to pay extra on his monthly note to listen to the radio??!!
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