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How will PS Pass affect GameStop...

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User Info: king_madden

6 years ago#11
umm why not just open it in fron tof them and see if its there?

why wait til you get home JUST so you can complain about gamestop, sure they should put it in, but its also your job to double check.

User Info: Dave_Fiction

6 years ago#12
as an employee of gamestop, yes we do take any codes, ea online pass, pc keys, and now the psn pass out of the case we put on the floors. if its printed on the booklet we will take it out. i wish we didnt have to, but thats the policy.

im like you guys on the whole buying a new opened game, i wont even do it. ill wait till we get a new wrapped game in stock before i buy the wall copy.

and hey, if you dont like how they treated you, you can always complain. after the transaction we are supposed to tell the customer about a survey they can fill out for a chance to win a $500 dollar gift card. all it really is, is going to a website and saying if we did a good job or not. believe me our DMs will let us know if we get a complaint and we will get reprimanded, at least in my district anyway. but answer honestly, you dont wanna get a good worker in trouble, that would be messed up. the good ones are far and few. hell, help us weed out all the crappy ones!

User Info: CthulhuDagon

6 years ago#13
Black Magus posted...
hell, help us weed out all the crappy ones!

Let me get Ryobi on the phone, this will take some serious tools.
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User Info: wiidundant

6 years ago#14
All the guys and girls at my Gamestop give me the sex eyes every time I walk in the door.
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