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Sending PS3 to sony to fix?

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User Info: dragonsoldier

6 years ago#1
Will Sony still fix 60GB PS3's and send them back to you? Mine overheated and I never sent it in. Do they do anything to it other than fix the malfunctioning crap inside it? Is there a good chance all my game saves will be lost?
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User Info: osboes

6 years ago#2
All you data including your saves will be lost unfortunately.

User Info: maverick187

6 years ago#3
Yeah all your data is gone, but they will fix your 60GB or if they cannot they will send you a refurb of the same model. However, for a bit cheaper they'll send you a refurb of one of the new Slims, if you're willing to part with BC, a couple USB ports and your card readers.
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