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Marvel Vs Capcom 3 or Blazblue CS, which should I BUY?

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User Info: M1Astray

6 years ago#1
Thinking of buying a new game soon, those two have caught my attention, which deserves my money and time?
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User Info: Shippoyasha

6 years ago#2
Marvel if you like to make inventive teams and fighting styles (even at the risk of fighting some really overpowered teams online)

Or Blazblue if 1 vs 1 is more your style.

User Info: Shadow2790x

6 years ago#3
From someone who has bought both:

-BlazBlue: CS is the overall better (and more complete) game.
-It's got a lot of content, great voice acting for both languages, and beautiful 2D graphics.
-Gameplay is pretty fluid, and the online netcode is great.
-The gameplay is much more deep than some people might think.
-Fanbase is hit-or-miss. Such is the case with a "very Japanese" game like this.

-If fast-paced wacky 3 vs. 3 battles are more your thing, go with MvC3.
-Netcode is sub-par, not much (single player) replay value.
-MvC3 is way more popular, so it should be easier to find games.
-It has a solid roster, and great "comic" style 3D graphics.
-A lot of the online players have no shame. MvC3 has gotten me more ragequits than any other game.
(Though in all fairness, a lot of games have this problem)
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User Info: Ekidona_

6 years ago#4
Dead or Alive Dimensions is by far the better fighter.

User Info: icewolf74

6 years ago#5
Ekidona_ posted...
Dead or Alive Dimensions is by far the better fighter.

Well that was unnecessary! -_-"

User Info: SieKensou

6 years ago#6
BBCS2 or AH3
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User Info: Dragunov_4_ever

6 years ago#7
TC you should get MvC3 because the rumors are that Capcom will be announcing Super MvC3 this month, which will apparently be a DLC update and a disc release just like SSFIV:AE

I also noticed your signature. I see you like Okami.
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User Info: Xechs

6 years ago#8
Well blazblue has a lot more offline stuff to do (tons of modes), a great story mode (story is actually interesting, not just for fighting game) and a rocking OST and pretty diverse roster (ie they feel different to play as, makes picking a character more unique). Plus with the patch they rebalanced to arcade gameplay and improved the netcode (game is leagues of it's own when comes to smooth fighting games online, makes playing JPN or eur fans that much more possible) and added more modes. Blazblue CS is definitely the better bang for buck no question, massive content online and offline. As for fighting style with patch they made the game very close combat and corner based combo/offensive. Since the game has break meters (ie guard too much, attack recklessly you get punished) and such it is very unturtle friendly. You actually forced to learn counters and when to save breaks to play or get pumbled.

Marvel is definitely a fun game if you love fast paced gameplay. There are lots of clone moves so making a 3 man team is not as hard as it seems since everyone has the same moves (control wise) thus all you got to do is remember what those moves do for each character to learn to juggle and combo people effectively. All I'll say the difference between the good players and crap players are using assist properly. All the weakness of playing rushdown/keep away are easily fixed with the right assist (also makes it easier to do super moves with right assist). Assist balancing to specific characters is very important. The bad side to marvel is it pretty much a online game, the offline stuff is very lacking so only get this game if you intend to fight online a lot. With that the online is pretty low quality for fighting game. So playing people close to you is very important or it'll lag like crazy. Games like tekken 6, arcana hearts 3, Street fighter IV and of course blazblue are all better netcodes thus better online experiences. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: M1Astray

6 years ago#9
Okay, after reading through the topic I've decided to go with Blazblue CS, online isn't the most reliable for me so single player content is a reasonably important component for me, might be able to get some passable online matches on Blazblue too from the sounds of things.

I will however keep my eye on Marvel Vs Capcom to see if it gets some more single player modes.

Thanks for the info and advice everyone.
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