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Burnout Crash GAMEPLAY revealed. Get ready to laugh.

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User Info: Tennis_Rocks

6 years ago#1

LOL what is this ****

Sorry if this video was already posted.
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User Info: Big_Boss222

6 years ago#2
I know I saw this and couldn't believe it. It has Kinect support as well. Thank god it's only a download title I'll take no part in.
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User Info: jammies

6 years ago#3
I'd buy that for a dollar!
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User Info: BlueSkies7776

6 years ago#4
Is that crash mode the only mode in the game? It looks like it could be fun if you could race normally, but if all it is is crash mode then it looks boring as hell.
Never say can't.

User Info: apeezy

6 years ago#5
jammies posted...
I'd buy that for a dollar!

heh heh! That movie was sooo awesome.
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User Info: ironbru

6 years ago#6
What the **** have they done to Burnout?!
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6 years ago#7
Wow that looks awful. Looks like I just saved some money and I didn't switch to Geico.
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User Info: most_games_r_ok

6 years ago#8
I would only get that game if it was free
I do because I can.....and because I'm bored.

User Info: anonymous46773

6 years ago#9
If they didn't call it Burnout, it would received so much better. Who's in charge of this stuff? Bad marketing is bad.

Ah well, as long as they don't try selling this game for something like $60, I guess I'm okay with it. I won't be buying it, though.
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User Info: MourningReigns

6 years ago#10
People don't understand that it's a downloadable title. They are trying something different, for a cheaper pricepoint. I mean, EA has done with with Madden and NHL arcade, why can't they do it with burnout too?
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