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best sports game? (read more im picky)

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User Info: rebelofrebels

6 years ago#1
so I've never gotten into the sports games (other than fight nights which carry AMAZING lag (for me anyways, and others from what I've read)).

i really enjoy soccer, how's the fifa series in terms of online (lag for instance?) or the mlb series?

thanks for info.

and yes i know (insert game title here 's) board is that way--->

I'm just coming here for quicker answers.
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User Info: The_Blue_Stuff

6 years ago#2
not really fan of sport gmes either, infact the only types of sports games I actually liked were the NBA/NFL/Soccer STREET series back in the day. I would look for the soccer STREET one, it's fun.
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User Info: Julio1030

6 years ago#3
I rarely experience laggy matches in FIFA 11. If you like soccer then you will like FIFA!
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User Info: CammyApple

6 years ago#4
The 2K MLB games tend to be a disaster online. ~ I have had less than 5 laggy matches in FIFA through 10, World Cup, and 11.

User Info: Tennis_Rocks

6 years ago#5
Don't buy tennis games all of them are only good for pretty graphics -_-
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User Info: Kaiser499

6 years ago#6
Buy MLB The Show, best baseball game ever.
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User Info: SieKensou

6 years ago#7
if you want soccer, i recommend Winning Eleven series.
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User Info: Sorozone

6 years ago#8

From: Kaiser499 | #006
Buy MLB The Show, best baseball game ever.

User Info: freddypopstar

6 years ago#9
wii U!! ps vita!! Stoked !

User Info: shads3055

6 years ago#10
mlb the show, fifa anyyear, tiger woods 12, ncaa 12, and NBA 2k, and fight night champ
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