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Favorite Dynamic Theme for your PS3?

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User Info: kobra02

6 years ago#11
Sega Genesis
PSN ID: Kobra02, GT: AZEE90

User Info: tw1239875

6 years ago#12
Lord of the rings dynamic them
Who cares abouts Sigs! I sure as hell don't!

User Info: bsballa09

6 years ago#13
The fish tank and the lava lamp.

User Info: Teepo64

6 years ago#14
LittleBigPlanet 2 Dynamic Theme from Subway


Northern Lights
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User Info: teethandtongue

6 years ago#15
Afrika dynamic theme & Flower dynamic theme

Im diggin' the Billowing Clouds dynamic theme lately though

User Info: Geistigen

6 years ago#16
The clock. Very simple and neat.
PSN: Geistigen

User Info: PacificCircle

6 years ago#17
I don't mind my U3 one.
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