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Just Cause 2 or Fallout New Vegas?

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User Info: chicknstu222

6 years ago#1
I'm looking for a game where I can spend a hefty amount of time on. The wait for Skyrim is killing me. I'm familiar with the way Fallout works, so it would be easy to get the ball rolling, but at the same time, Just Cause 2 looks like pure fun.

Which one would you guys recommend?

User Info: da_StoOge

6 years ago#2
Ha. I bought both last month. I've been playing JC2 in between sessions of NV ever since, and IMO both games are amazing.

You might get a bit bored of JC2 eventually, but the game is fantastic as a pick up and play when bored game.
Rest in peace Jason. I'll miss you man.

User Info: sidsid118

6 years ago#3
Just cause 2 - if you enjoy running around blowing things up, 1980's action films and cheesy (well suited) voice acting go for this.

Fallout - new vegas - glitchy, glitchy, glitchy.

Go for fallout 3 instead.
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User Info: Shy420

6 years ago#4
I didn't have nearly as much fun with Fallout Vegas as I did Fallout 3. Just Cause 2 was pure fun and nearly no story. I spent most of my time in JC2 putzing around freeing towns a doing side quests. I would have no problem suggesting you get Just Cause 2 I had amazing fun playing it until I lost my save with over 70 hours of play in it.
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User Info: chicknstu222

6 years ago#5
Just Cause 2 it is! Thanks guys.

User Info: zooknut

6 years ago#6
JC 2 is perfect for when u are waiting for new releases,,,a great gap time filler..and the map is gigantic
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