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Does every user in my house has to buy PSN pass to play my game?

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User Info: Junno_Draco

6 years ago#1
I live with my fiance, and she plays games as much as I do, online too.

So my question is, even if I buy the game new, does she have to buy an additional PSN pass just so she can play online with her username?

If so, then I'm all against PSN pass. This means we'll have to pay an extra $10 for every game she also wants to play online.

Now I can't even imagine if you have like 3 brothers who also play on the same PS3, that's an extra $30 per game.

Does this also mean I cannot play my game online in a different PS3 if I don't want to sign in with my profile there?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: ptar_player

6 years ago#2
I've been curious about this as well. My assumption would be if it was a sub account on the same system you probably could use it. But if it were another master account you would probably have to buy another pass.

I'm against it personally. I've actually been contemplating buying a 360 because I haven't been happy with my ps3 or sony in quite a while and this route just seems like a bad idea in my personal opinion.
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User Info: tactikz4

6 years ago#3
Wow nice question dude, hope someone reply and hope sony thought of this b4 making this move.
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User Info: lubmelubyou

6 years ago#4
Yeah go buy a 360 where the exact same thing already happens.

By all means get a 360 for its awesome games, but for your reason alone it is silly.

User Info: kuter

6 years ago#5
As long as the online pass is installed to the game data....every one on the console should be able to play online

User Info: poetic_logic

6 years ago#6
Yea, that would be a foul ball on Sony's part. Because my wife plays a lot of games and when Starhawk comes out I know she's going to want to play and if we can't play in our seperate accounts there is going to be big issues.
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User Info: SODIS

6 years ago#7
I've never bought a game with an online pass, but this is what I dug up. Hope it helps.

If Sony's learned anything, they'd most likely have it tied to your console so other PSN IDs can use the pass, and tied to your account (if you have multiple PS3s). Hopefully it works like that. Cause it looks like EA's pass doesn't work like that.

User Info: Junno_Draco

6 years ago#8

Don't buy a 360 for that reason, it's worse there.

My fiance has to buy gold just to be able to play online, so that would be two gold accounts to pay for just to play online. And if she also has to pay for an EA pass on top of that, sucks more.

That's one of the main reasons I stopped playing on our 360. I refuse to pay for one gold account, let alone two of them.

Thank for the response guys, let's see how it plays out as soon as Resistance 3 comes out.

User Info: dav_1314

6 years ago#9
Its one pass per console.

Lets say theres 5 accounts on the ps3. Only one of them has to use the code and everyone can play online.
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User Info: Ultimate_Timmeh

6 years ago#10
No, she can play on your console. Seriously, share, it's your fiancé for christ sakes...
You'll still have only 1 disc, so only one person will be able to play it at once anyways.
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