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Some guy asked me: Why isn't there a Pokemon game for the PS3?

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User Info: united_kirby

6 years ago#41
Lol I was done with Pokemon for a while, then I got Geosociety (pokemon rip-off) on iPhone, for the fun of it, and then I wanted to play some Pokemon again. Got Pokemon Black, and believe me. It's so much better than old Pokemon games, it's not okay to say they don't innovate. You got a whole new way of training them, you have new ways of fighting, it's all very simple now, no weird stuff that affect you, but you don't know about (apparently, if you fight certain pokemon, you increase in specific stats, which allows you to make your Pokemon stronger than when you just fight randomly). They also made breeding fun, but allowing to create Pokemon stronger than others of the same species.

So basically you get a pretty good competitive online RPG. Don't see this with the Final Fantasies and similar RPGs. The stories in the game might not be very good, and the new Pokemons don't look very cool, if you ask me. But you can't really blame them, you can only invent so much.

Also, most of the games do improve in graphics too. Black looks really nice, and it isn't as 2D-ish as Diamond was, I think. In Black you actually have different camera angles and cutscenes.

You can hate all you want. But the collecting is still as fun as it used to be, because there is more to collect, and the training of the Pokemon is vastly improved too. And you can actually battle online, so if you think Pokemon is stuck repeating it self, you're wrong. Every single game has reinvented itself by introducing new stuff. Gold has a whole new map, so did Ruby, Diamond and Black. Heart Gold also made the game a lot better. Yellow, Emerald and Platinum were maybe kind of pointless, but it's mainly fanservice. Having 2 games at every launch is kinda annoying though. I'd prefer it if that was gone. But it makes it a little bit more fun (not even close to make me want to buy a second copy), and it's very smart business move, so you can't really blame them. And these games were meant for multiplayer, so you can get most stuff from the other game anyway.

The only thing I really hate is the events for Pokemon items. I missed all of them, so I can't get some of those legendaries. Which is pretty lame.

User Info: go0rty

6 years ago#42
The_Blue_Stuff posted...
they could always do another jade cacoon though.

I think you are my new best friend.
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User Info: L0rdCrump

6 years ago#43
fighting games are terrible, thats my opinion TC.
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User Info: SolarJam

6 years ago#44
Nintendo owns it. Problem solved.
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User Info: M1Astray

6 years ago#45
_alcheim posted...
My questions would be:

Why do they keep making pokemon games, without any major graphical improvements?
A number of reasons, because it sells, and because the systems that have Pokemon games are absolute **** at doing 3d graphics, though just because it uses Sprites doesn't make it bad in the graphics department, some of the best looking games around use 2d Sprites, and as someone who's played both 3d and 2d Pokemon games it looks far better as 2d, Dragonite just doesn't have the same cute charm about it in 3d.

Why do they keep releasing the main game on handhelds? Are they scared that releasing it on an actual console would expose how awful the presentation is?
Because the series is more suited to the "pick up and play" style, a style that works far faaaar better on a handheld system. They certainly aren't scared, they just know what the correct market is for their product.
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User Info: gilv3r

6 years ago#46
I enjoyed the he'll out of the original red and blue when those first came out. I got pretty lost after that lol.
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User Info: SSJCena

6 years ago#47
x_lone_x_wolf_x posted...
I'm not sure if there is so much ignorance or so much trolling in this topic.

This, Ive spent more time playing pokemon games this gen than any console game... about 80 hours each game and I don't even play competitive.
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