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Anyone else going to "skip" next gen?

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User Info: PuffNStuff91

6 years ago#51
Life is too short!

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User Info: lightbringer768

6 years ago#52
Ditch next gen hell no. But I won't buy them immediately, I'll keep buying this gen games for a year or so to see how next gen actually turns out. (YOLD, RROD, what kind of launch games that are coming out, any new original games instead of sequels of the same games that are out now etc etc)
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User Info: Acquire

6 years ago#53
Anyone who says graphics can't improve clearly hasn't seen PC games. They're already miles ahead of what current consoles can do. So yes, graphics can definitely improve and by a lot.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

6 years ago#54
i don't see why not, graphics aren't going to get much better, the games will need a 8888ton of money to get made so we'll just get more safe games that don't introduce anything new. And the nickel and diming will just get worse, you'll probably have to preorder the special edition of the game just to play online or see the ending to the game. Plusi still have a ton of games to play and buy for ps3

i mean people can say "more powerful hardware will let the developer be more creative" but srsly look at this gen, developers aren't using increased power to get more "creative" they're realizing it takes so long and so much money to make the game, they can't take a risk with being "creative," they have to be safe and make sure they make a profit

and then you try to reach out to your fellow consumers about your concerns and what response do you get? "If you don't like it don't buy." I swear it feels like trying to converse with the sheep from animal farm

User Info: true_gamer80

6 years ago#55
I feel that graphics can't possibly get much better then what we have'll be saying this forever, trust me. Heck in not even two years time you'll laugh at yourself for saying that.
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User Info: seb03

6 years ago#56
rubsnick posted...
I feel that graphics can't possibly get much better then what we have

Stopped reading there. People have been saying that with every new console.
"and when PS3 goes down you have to change your bank account and the locks on your door."
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  3. Anyone else going to "skip" next gen?

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