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$54.99 save a whole 5 dollars

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User Info: SamusFarron

6 years ago#21
Yeah that gamestop pro card thing is actually entirely worth it.

The initial $15 will quickly be earned back with all of the discounts and trade in credits, and you can essentially use it to "rent" used games for free.

And to answer the TC, no, I don't. Whenever I decide to buy a game it is one that I truly want, and I always purchase it brand spanking new. Then again I purchase 1-2 games a month at most on average; I'm not the type that has to play every game ever, even the ones I don't want to, just because. I'd rather whittle away hours on a single game I love than play a variety of crap.

User Info: blundermine

6 years ago#22
Trigger2K posted...
blundermine posted...
IspamthatLK posted...
at gamestop, do people really buy to save $5 for used titles?

It's five less dollars for an identical product, why wouldn't you?

Because from eBay or other places online you could safe $15-$20 off Gamestop's new prices. Why let Gamstop rip you off?

Convenience for one thing

User Info: CidHighwind09

6 years ago#23
Buy used online at gamestop. CAG16 promotion code 16% off. Powerup card 10% off. If the used game is 55 dollars, it goes down to around 41 with those 2 codes.
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User Info: slymshady

6 years ago#24
Or you can pay full price for a game and buy it new.

User Info: castrejon04

6 years ago#25
I import EU versions since they cost less than half at NEW*
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User Info: blundermine

6 years ago#26
slymshady posted...
Or you can pay full price for a game and buy it new.

I don't know what this is trying to say

User Info: Zangetsuga

6 years ago#27
In cali, for a used game at gs, you basically pay the price tag since buying new rounds up to $65 with tax. So yea, you basically save $5.
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User Info: berto12141214

6 years ago#28
well for me it depends:

it has to be at least $5 difference
the disk has to be mostly scratch free
my pro membership has to be active
and buying is tax free
and of course the 5%- 10% off

if all that applies which it currently does then i buy used
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