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5 games you think everyone should play...

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User Info: Zukkus

6 years ago#51
1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

2. Wolfenstein 3D

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

4. Half Life 2

5. Deus Ex
"I just wasted a bullet. Don't waste your life." -Big Boss

User Info: Soljah

6 years ago#52
Shadow of the col. - Amazing game
Monster Hunter (any of them) - amazing game
Street Fighter (mostly any of them) - amazing genre
Silent Hill (1,2 or 4 are my faces) - great series
Mario (1,2,3) - Do I need to say why?
Your Friendly Monster Hunter Soljah
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User Info: Sevi_ney

6 years ago#53
Leisure suit larry
Leisure suit larry
Leisure suit larry
Call of Duty Black Ops
Jersey Devil
your nostalgia is LAME

User Info: USMCinfinity

6 years ago#54
Legend of Dragoon - Best all around RPG for me.
Chrono Cross - Best game script I've ever played.
Parasite Eve 2 - Horror Survival meets RPG
Dark Cloud 1 - I like it more than the first one, bite me.
Dead Space 2 - F bomb on you Resident Evil, you're no longer THE Horror Survival game to play.
RI's official something

User Info: WhyGeeGee

6 years ago#55
- Metal Gear Solid


-Panzer Dragoon Saga

-Final Fantasy 6

-Mass Effect 2
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