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EA Trolls Modern Warfare 3

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User Info: darkshadowmaster

6 years ago#21
L0Z posted...
Drakengard002 posted...
From: darkshadowmaster | #016

And then you consider that EA will never run deals like Valve does meaning BF3 will be expensive for a long time to come...

ea secretly runs deals all the time, only they last for only a few hours and you need a code to get them

While cool that sucks for me since I don't stalk FB :\
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User Info: kcheung5440

6 years ago#22
Cybersquatting is illegal, right?
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User Info: Hollow_Geass

6 years ago#23
davelicious posted...
darkshadowmaster posted...
That's probably the reason he bought it though. Not for the purpose of trolling them, but hoping that they bought that site from him. IIRC someone did that & got big bucks from a company buying a site from them.

ahh... maybe that's the heart of the matter then. This guy was hoping to get rich and maybe Activision just didn't care to pay him for the domain... So this is the petty revenge?

This has happened with loads of websites. But what I dnt get is, Activision has used the same site for COD games for years. Why would they care about this?
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User Info: L0Z

6 years ago#24
wikipedia seems to lean towards it being legal until ea tries to resell the domain name back to activision at an inflated price

User Info: Mario_Bones

6 years ago#25
The guy probably bought the domain ages ago, and turned it into a BF3 ad to make Activision more desperate to get the domain back and thus pay more
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User Info: kingofjamaica

6 years ago#26
davelicious posted...
according to IGN... the site is run by an independent fan of the series... nobody associated with EA.

No, it was run by EA. The site got taken down. Now if you try going to it you get 500'd on EA's website.
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