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is nier the best rpg of this gen?

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User Info: cordsman

6 years ago#11
Cranberry Juice by itself is ****. Cran-Grape or Cran-Apple is good.
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User Info: hellafornia

6 years ago#12
Tales of Vesperia

User Info: davelicious

6 years ago#13
With a metacritic average below 70/100... I'd say not.
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User Info: chicknstu222

6 years ago#14
kcoin17 posted...
ive never tasted cranberry juice, what am i missing? sell me on it and i will buy a bottle today.

you are missing on an experience unlike no other

User Info: exploding-speed

6 years ago#15
tales of vesperia says yo.
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User Info: Nexus_Nocturnal

6 years ago#16
Ar Tonelico 3 has great music.... If you're 5 and you really like to hear "Nyaa~!~" and other high pitched female Japanese squeals during childish music. 3 Was the low point (a very low point) in the series when it came to the music. The only tracks worth listening to in the game are (of course) the hymns, but they are few and far apart. The upside is, the actual good hymns (Not Kitty Bump and Saki's) are some of the best. I really like EXEC_COSMOFLIPS.
Candy that looks like broken glass, or broken glass that looks like candy?
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User Info: aken909

6 years ago#17
Crannberry Juice is great, but I have to be careful with it as it tends to make me more dehydrated.

User Info: freddypopstar

6 years ago#18
def looking forward to at 3
wii U!! ps vita!! Stoked !

User Info: L0rdCrump

6 years ago#19
Xenoblade is.
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