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where do your user name on gf and or psn come from?

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User Info: 5stardragon

6 years ago#1
After being on here for a while, I always seem to see some pretty eccentric usernames on here. I'm just curious, where did they come from? Curious to see the stories behind all of your usernames weather its gamefaqs or psn.

I guess i start. When I was young I loved movies and video games that had something to do with dragons. So years back when I started using yahoo email I needed a name. So I came up with blackdragon79. For one I'm black I like dragons and I was born in 79. That's my name on everything the psn xbox live pretty much any forum I'm on if that name is available. Well there you have it.
power without perception is spiritually useless and therefor have no true value. (fist of the north star) psn blackdragon79

User Info: toadieman

6 years ago#2
I'm a cheap ripoff of a megaman villain.
"All's aboard da coal train, baby."

User Info: VaultDwelIer

6 years ago#3
PSN: VaultDweller

User Info: cordsman

6 years ago#4
Cordsman, has to do with my last name... BigDaddyFatso is just a funny name I called some of my friends and they called me and it stuck. I think it's a good PSN name.
"A man chooses... a slave obeys. Kill!" - Andrew Ryan
PSN: BigDaddyFatso

User Info: kuter

6 years ago#5
Letter from my real name overall, which got born in Dark Ages : Legend of darkness back in 2001, been using it every where since then, but for some reason the name got popular and i have to use 666 sometime.

User Info: betterboulder

6 years ago#6
Username: I used to always want to create video games when I was a kid and I picked Betterboulder as the name of my game company. I've used it ever since.

PSN: My name is Calvin and the name was suggested to me by XBL and I used it for PSN too
"Have confidence in the God that has confidence in you." PSN: PositiveCalvin

User Info: Otimus

6 years ago#7
Gamefaqs: My real name + anime.

I originally wanted Otimus (my name + more letters), but it was taken.

OtimusPSN is because Otimus was taken there, too.
PSN: OtimusPSN // XBOX Live: Otimus // Steam: mightypotatojones
Now playing: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, NFS Hot Pursuit, Resonance of Fate

User Info: xxFOXFIRExx

6 years ago#8
I used to play ghost recon advanced warfighter online alot for xbox360. Played with one particular group of people and one was named general foxfire (somethin lik that). People callefd him fox or foxfire and i just liked the name.

So when i got a ps3 i made that my psn name, and my gf name.

User Info: usernamestuff

6 years ago#9
GameFAQs: I couldn't think of one so this it what I went with

PSN: Nadsafs

My PSN is an inside joke. It may seem to be just random letters but there is a story behind the name.
Number of times suspended for equating NBA players to criminals: 1

User Info: BookzLoliz

6 years ago#10
My PSN name is from something on the anime board and me defending lolicon all the time.

And my PSN is from me liking books which is why its Bookz_13971. The numbers at the end actually have a meaning to a few of my friends, not that random.
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