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Demon's Souls or Nier?

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User Info: Ace_Of_Spadez_

6 years ago#1
Which one should I get?
Which is more fun?
Which is the better game?
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User Info: freddypopstar

6 years ago#2
i vote nier
easier to get into and better story
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User Info: Lard_in_Tea

6 years ago#3
Both should be pretty much dirt cheap. I say get both.
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User Info: toadieman

6 years ago#4
You should wait for the spiritual successor to Nier. It's called Fahr. You have to save your dyslexic dog. Yeah dyslexia kills.
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User Info: Justice98405

6 years ago#5
"Which one should I get?
Which is more fun?
Which is the better game?"

Which should you get? I don't care, I have both personally, I don't care what you get. :)
Which is more fun? Depends, they're two very different experiences. If the somewhat brutal setup doesn't bother you, I'd give the edge to Demon's Souls.
Which is the better game? I don't know, I've beaten Demon's Souls, but not Nier. They're both fun, in my opinion. And so far, I'd say Nier, because so far, playing on Easy, it's less frustrating than Demon's Souls, but it's CLOSE.
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User Info: slipperyphish

6 years ago#6
demon's souls easily
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User Info: danny_S_06

6 years ago#7
PSN (UK): CaptainSellers
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User Info: Entrydenied

6 years ago#8
Out of the two NIER has a more mainstream appeal.

User Info: VaultDwelIer

6 years ago#9
Which one should I get? DEMONS SOLES
Which is more fun? NEAR
Which is the better game? NEAR
PSN: VaultDweller

User Info: L0rdCrump

6 years ago#10
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