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Pre-order Saints Row 3 and get.....this

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User Info: Tennis_Rocks

6 years ago#1

Lolz. That car is awesome!
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User Info: Paragon57

6 years ago#2
I like it when games don't take themselves too seriously.
P a r a g o n 5 7 was here!

User Info: SuperShadowAce

6 years ago#3
I'll wait until it's DLC as I can only afford one game a month. <----Good comic
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User Info: MyBRbackfired

6 years ago#4
Then it turns out to be the preorder code of the UFO for #2
GT- IfIWinUGetRecon or My BR backfired

User Info: zzamaro

6 years ago#5
at 1:00 360.PC.

And PS3?
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User Info: Tweekster13

6 years ago#6
Sure wish I could watch youtube at work
I kick ass for the LORD!
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User Info: akuma634

6 years ago#7
I was almost expecting the purple rubber phallic sex toy, wouldn't that be funny to see GameStop employes handing those out to customers.
PSN - CustersRevenge
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