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How to fix a cracked disc?

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User Info: jazvdb93

6 years ago#1
Story is a holding the disc by the hole then my dog surprised me and hit my hand against a hole

Now there's a small crack going outwards the hole

The game still plays but freezes occasionally especially online and it sucks...

Anyway to fix it? (it's MvC3 btw, i don't care about ur opinion)
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User Info: Cloudtail4ever

6 years ago#2
Crack as in deep gouge, or the two parts actually separated from each other? I've heard of ways to fix the former, but never the latter.
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User Info: chickenlard

6 years ago#3
Do certain "exercises" to make the hole go back to its usual self.
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User Info: Worker_8_

6 years ago#4
Sorry, no way to fix an actual crack. Only able to fix scratches.

I've bought used games before that had cracks in the middle, probably from someone just jerking it out of the case without pressing down on the button. I had to take it back and get it exchanged.

User Info: gametypeplayer

6 years ago#5
Once a disc is cracked, it's basically garbage.
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User Info: RevolutionV

6 years ago#6
That sucks, I don't know if you could fix a broken disc. Sucks TC.

Ok this is not very ethical and I haven't done personally, but I think GameStop or BestBuy have an insurance policy that you can buy (you pay extra for this service). So maybe you can go buy the game at those stores with the insurance and then you could use the insurance to replace your broken game. You wouldn't get your money back though, and you could possibly trade it the extra game copy later.

I used to work at a game store and all we did was "damage out" the games that were broken or damaged. The parent company would reimburse the store the money for the game. This is why GS sometime over charges, because they have to take RISK into account as part of their business models. I usually don't buy games at GS, but I do sometimes.

User Info: Gamemaster64

6 years ago#7
One way is to buy 3 60 games at bestbuy.

This way you pay for two and get MvC3 for free.
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User Info: poccnn

6 years ago#8
Blu-rays are usually harder to crack than DVD's because they are more flexible, but sometimes they can crack more easily because they are thinner.
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