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Bought LAIR the other day, impressions/thoughts on it so far.

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User Info: Justice98405

6 years ago#1
No demo, which is a bummer, and the reviews had kept me at bay since getting my PS3 early this year. I don't like Sixaxis, but I had heard that even with the analog sticks patch it wasn't that great.
But I got this game on a whim essentially. I needed something to get me into the free shipping from Amazon, and I tossed this in there since it was only 15 dollars. I figured worst case, I could give it to a friend/co-worker.
But I'm pleasantly surprised. It's certainly forth 15-20. Had I paid full price, not likely.
It's a game with a GREAT concept, and some good ideas, but it suffers from 'lack of more' as I'll call it. I play many games where I can't help but think of certain things personally and/or just that the game overall could have had so much more in it and going for it.
Visually it doesn't stand up that well, but it's an early game, so that's okay. But if a sequel was made, the visuals would be incredible, that'd be for sure.
Gameplay works well enough with the dual sticks patch, and there's some cool gameplay ideas, like the takedowns and the one-on-one dragon duels in mid-air. I don't know if more gameplay is revealed as you go, I'm still early in the game, but this mechanic could certainly have used more to it. Maybe a straight-up grapple system as well, and the ability to throw them as well. More types of attacks too, maybe slashs with the hind legs, and maybe a tail attack as well. But what they've got is very cool as it is.
And I LOVE that you can dive bomb enemy troops, grab and rip/destroy large pieces of enemy gear/warfare, and ESPECIALLY that you can pluck enemy units from the ground, fly around with them, and then toss them to their death. Again, I don't know if they add this later in the game, or I just don't know how to do it, but it'd be AWESOME if you could then throw the single enemy troop back at groups of other ground troops to do damage, maybe 'fire charge' them with dragon breath, so that they become a projectile grenade basically. How cool would THAT be?
But yea, overall, I'm pleased with my purchase, I'm glad that I gave the game a try, on a whim, and I'll say this for anyone that's on the fence or JUST on the side of not getting it. Give it a try, for 15-20 dollars, you can do some really fun stuff in this game.
Other peoples' thoughts and impressions of the game?
To the mattresses.
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User Info: Justice98405

6 years ago#2
To the mattresses.
PSN: Justice_98405, Xbox Live: Justice98405

User Info: IChangedMyName

6 years ago#3
Could have done a much better job making that look less like a pile of crap and words....

TL;DR version: "I like the game for 15 bux, if I'd spent more hell no" is what I gathered.
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User Info: apeezy

6 years ago#4
One of maybe five games I've traded back in or sold this gen.

You're right TC, it's not bad (i will admit, i didn't read all of your wall-of-text).

The visuals are decent (great for their time), and the sound is STILL amazing in its 7.1 glory (i only have a 5.1 system though).

Even the dragons aren't hard to control with the sixaxis or with right analog patch controls.

What killed me about the game (personally) was that you could only do stuff from the dragon...

Fly in the sky and it's all dragon combat from there (obviously), but when you're on the ground, you can't dismount (and I don't ever remember doing this in a mission) and you begin moving the clunky dragon on the ground and it's just spamming fireballs and dragon attacks..

You see that the dragon can obviously kil foot soldier fodder; i just wish the game would've given you a chance to do that in spurts yourself as the dragon rider.

I guess the game wasn't fleshed out enough for me... ok game but just wasn't what I wanted and I never finished it.
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