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How Is Tekken 6?

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User Info: SolidGold

6 years ago#1

I picked up Mortal Kombat when it got released earlier this year. It's the first MK game I've had since the originals back on the SNES. I dabbled in the PS2/XBOX versions a little but didn't think they were fantastic. I really like this new one.

I also picked up Super Street Fight IV Arcade Edition, loving it. Again ironically the last SF I literally played was Super Street Fighter II Turbo back on the SNES.

Another fantastic fighter I used to love playing with my brother and father was the Tekken series back on the original PlayStation. The first and third (never had the 2nd until later), were great fun. I believe I tried Tekken Tag Tournament and maybe Tekken 4 when they came out in my early teens, I can't really remember.

I just wanted to know how the newest instalment compares to MK and SF? Is it still good fun or have they dropped the ball with it?
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

6 years ago#2
it's good but tekken 5 dr is better and the best one in the whole series.
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User Info: syphoncray67

6 years ago#3
tekken is good if your gonna play with others but the story mode is pretty boring gets old quik the characters clothes are good you can change to your personal style but the stuff they have are repeated.
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User Info: ICO_KID

6 years ago#4
best vs fighting you'll find in any Tekken game, just don't buy it for its single player content though.

User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#5
There is a lot of content in the game story mode wise, but a lot of it just irks you.


THe boss chicken dude is seriously a WTF moment. You will look at him and say True Ogre was better than this and he was lame.

The mid boss is another moment like this.

That said, the combat is pretty good. I prefer Tekken 5, but I will admit that Tekken 6 is well balanced more so than 5.

Its a good game if you can get it cheap.

As for MK...thats a great game right there. The two (MK and Tekken) are probably on par, but MK is getting a lot more attention because it sucked for so long, and Tekken was awesome for quite a while and its gone down hill a little in recent years (Tekken 4 and 6).

Anyway, its a quality title. Lag is a ***** though and can make it unplayable.
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

6 years ago#6
Weird. The game is the weirdest of all Tekkens. It reminded me more of Tekken 3 than any other Tekken so far. The campaign/arcade mode is pretty bad but it's enjoyable at least if you liked that mode in Tekken 3 all those years ago. (tekken force was it?) The arcade modes and character selection are top notch, and the graphics and music are great. Not sure about the online, the 15 times I have tried to play online my connections were always busted or the player rage quit before I won (and I'm not really that good) so I've never actually completed a match yet.

User Info: Starbucks_Fan

6 years ago#7
I bought it for $1 today :p

I'll try it out and let you know!
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User Info: flymike

6 years ago#8
Tekken 6 has the most balance and depth of any current gen fg out right now.
You can quote me on this.

Online sucks though, so if you're buying it for that
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