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Just bought Nier. (yes another Nier topic)

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User Info: Seifer_us

6 years ago#11
Migeira posted...
Considering I've heard enough praise for this supposed overlooked gem to last a lifetime, this game had better be good.

In fact,, if this game doesn't turn out to be better than sex, I'm officially holding ever single person who ever hyped this game up accountable. And I will find each and every one of you who did.

: )

And then...? There seems to be a line of text missing here.

Seriously though, the first day I played it after hearing all the comments on here about it I was less than pleased with my purchase. I put $30 into it to have it imported, so I decided to try it again the next day and see how I felt about it then and then consider selling it.

Whether it was because my mood was different, I finally left the hype behind, or something else; whatever it might have been, I was having an incredibly good time playing this game. After that point I've been hooked and playing it almost non-stop.

Is it life-changing? Short answer: no.

It is however, a better than decent game with a well-crafted story and music. It's pulled me in more than a lot of games this gen have and I think that's no mean feat. I also wasn't a fan of Cavia's Drakengard games, either; so take that for what you will.
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