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I hate when people say walking/running and shooting is realistic.

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  3. I hate when people say walking/running and shooting is realistic.

User Info: Duwstai

6 years ago#51
"If you want to shoot and run play CoD or L4D, why should a whole genre of game be destroyed because you are lazy."

Are you kidding? Being able to walk slowly while shooting is not going to ruin the game.

Not to mention, the games arent even a bit survival horror anymore, they are action games with crap controls. It just doesnt fit.

Even if they went back to the survival horror roots, not being able to move and shoot is just an archaic gameplay mechanic that should be completely dissolved. Im not saying be able to run around at top speeds and get headshots, but to be able to just move at walking speed while shooting should be standard.
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User Info: peterneeter

6 years ago#52
even if you can run n gun in real life, your guns dont have ammo counts, you dont see blood splatters pointing in the direction of your enemies when they shoot you, and your gun probably doesnt have a magic aiming cursor or laser sight that shows exactly where your shots will land

User Info: Conkea

6 years ago#53
They can move and shoot in cutscenes. So why can't I do it then?
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User Info: hi_polymer

6 years ago#54
Ugh, people complaining about realism/lack of realism in VIDEO ****ING GAMES.


User Info: supreme dar

supreme dar
6 years ago#55
Run and gun??? What about taking baby steps and allowing strafe and gun...
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User Info: nonexistinghero

6 years ago#56
Aeneman posted...
Regardless of accuracy, running and gunning is a real thing that can be done by any nitwit with a gun and two legs, so I disagree.

It greatly decreases accuracy though and you should only be able to hit something if it's close. Though walking and shooting should be possible.
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User Info: regsantotomas

6 years ago#57
The key is using the correct mixture of aspects from reality while still keeping the game fun and keeping the gamer drawn in. Most games are far from realistic.
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  3. I hate when people say walking/running and shooting is realistic.

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