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Is there even so much as a rumor of...

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User Info: phantom_reaper

6 years ago#1
The PS4 (or whatever you want to call it)?
I've been planning on getting a PS3 for a while. Now that I'm able to, I'm starting to wonder if I should wait for the next PlayStation. Anyone know anything about a PS4?
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User Info: psprulz2007

6 years ago#2
Rumors are rumors. There is nothing concrete enough of from s source worthy of listening to that has mentioned a ps4. Get a ps3 enjoy it now and for years.
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User Info: keironuk

6 years ago#3
There have been alot more rumors recently i would expect it to get announced in the next 10 months.
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User Info: captainjeff87

6 years ago#4
You'll be safe getting a PS3.

I don't see them announcing PS4 for at least another year or two if that. Even when they do, you'll still have at least a year or more to save up before it actually comes out. I doubt they're gonna announce PS4 and say "we're finished with it. It's coming out in a month!"
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User Info: archizzy

6 years ago#5
Even if it is coming the PS3 is really hitting its stride and the fall lineup into the winter looks amazing.

Why would you want to buy a newly released PS4 that will more than likely have a piss poor lineup the first year and be a beta tester for the new generation of hardware?
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