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Am I the ONLY person that.....

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User Info: CapwnD

6 years ago#41
Definitely NOT a FPS fanboy!

Contrary to what some gaming elitist douchebags may say, it's not a crime to be an FPS fanboy. It's not a crime to be a well rounded gamer, either. You don't have to concentrate on what the elitist jerks consider the only games that matter.
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User Info: NecrosexuaI

6 years ago#42
Contrary to what some gaming elitist douchebags may say, it's not a crime to be an FPS fanboy. It's not a crime to be a well rounded gamer, either. You don't have to concentrate on what the elitist jerks consider the only games that matter.
this. this this this.
i play black ops. i get a lot of **** for it on these forums.
then i realise this forum is full of sheep who think that because they play valkyria chronicles, demon's souls and nier, they're superawsmkewl in their 'obscure' choice of games.
hell, i'll play black ops over vc anyday. and the ps3 has had an srpg worth throwing cash down for: it's called disgaea 3.
at least black ops is quick, shooting fun.

to people here, it's like... if you don't like slow-ass turn-based jrpgs, or you like anything else that isn't slow-ass turn-based jrpgs, you're a sinner. kinda shocking. pretentious as hell, too.

User Info: CapwnD

6 years ago#43
Yep, people can't just be content with what they like, always have to be passing judgement.

Pretty much the opposite of what i consider gamers. Pretentious is definitely the word that comes to mind, and it further fuels the stereotypes about gamers.

*in comic-book guy voice*

"So you're saying that you don't play JRPG and you actually soil your game console with the likes of an FPS, sports game or music games? Clearly you are not a gamer and you are a shame to the gaming community, you must be casual and in a frat."

*pushes glasses up nose, laughs with snorting sound*

And I say that with no offense intended to the geekiest of the geekiest. It's when the geekyness turns to pretentious d-bag, that's where one becomes ugly.
As Above, So Below

User Info: Selh_teus1991

6 years ago#44
To the people that never played the series, I would say give it a shot. They are lengthy, but worthwhile if you stick to the game long enough to understand the story and what it is all about. I'm sure there will be apart that will give you a moment where you will think to yourself about will happen next to the characters and the plot. I guess its like watching an anime, Live action show or reading a book. If the first few chapters or episodes don't work for you then drop the book/show and save yourself 6-40 hours depending on the series.

The series is hyped for a reason because the stories are great. Just like what other fans of other media would talk about and hype such as Harry potter/LOTR or shows such as Dexter/Breaking Bad.
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User Info: BabySh0es

6 years ago#45
you are not alone. i am a huge RPG fan (probably my favorite type of game) and have never played a final fantasy game. that being said, i prefer non turn based RPGs usually such as morrowind, oblivion, mass effect, demons souls, etc

User Info: BabySh0es

6 years ago#46
also the people who hate on FPS games have probably never played a game like rainbow six vegas with a clan. i had some reallyyy challenging games against other clans back in the day when i used to be on gamebattles...good times lol

User Info: Mantiso

6 years ago#47
Never played a JRPG in my life. And I'd consider myself a big gamer. It just doesn't appeal to me. Turn based battles, weird Japanese fantasy stories, repetitive grinding/collecting, cheesy melodramatic characters etc. Sounds tedious.
The closest I've gotten to RPGs is Oblivion, Deus Ex, Mass Effect which I really enjoy.

I was considering getting FFVII from the Store because of all the praise it gets, but really don't see myself putting in the hours. And I'm not sure it's a good idea to start with an older game in the series. How long would it be for a first timer?
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User Info: Nightmare966

6 years ago#48
stunSEED posted...
has NOT played a FF game? Just curious. Not knocking it or anything, since I have never ever touched it. Just wondered if anyone else hasn't.

I played one for 10 mins, does that count? :P
PSN: Nightmare966

User Info: stunSEED

6 years ago#49
"Definitely NOT a FPS fanboy!"

^ Nay didn't mean it like that. I was just trying to convey (before some troll tried to make it look like I was knocking JRPGs) that I DO consider myself a "well-rounded gamer", and am not really a "fanboy" to any genre. My library currently consists of a few rockband games, some motorstorms, move games, MW2, and so on. I could care less what people would label me.

But I totally understand what you are saying. I figured out years ago there are ALWAYS going to be stupid people around. Some think their crap doesn't stink, some can't figure out what the word opinion means, and so on. I teach my kids that you can't please everyone, so just worry about yourself!
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User Info: X195

6 years ago#50
I lol at people who think a "dark" story = good story.
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