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Seriously..what's up with Catherine?

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User Info: Klobzi

6 years ago#41
Lsnake posted...
Have you even played it? The game is great, and the mature content is not about sex. Not that I mind sex, but this is one game that never gets cheap. It has plenty of humor, wit and charm, a really great story that most people who's ever been in a grown up relationship can relate to in one way or another. Add addictive and challenging (but never unfair) gameplay that will last you longer than many other new games and there's really nothing to complain about. That it's unexpected, not just in terms of how the story goes but the choices you find yourself taking, doesn't hurt either.

If you've ever been hit in the face with a unexpected "I think I'm pregnant" conversation, I fail to see how this game can't grab you, but leave you with a smile or even at the edge of your seat at times.

A great game in just about every way. If you play it and don't like it, that's fine. But anyone who hasn't played it, need to keep quiet. This isn't a simple exploitative fanservice game. This is a game that adults can enjoy without sinking into childish lows and in the end you'll find yourself thinking about your own choices and life just as much as the characters. A good game makes you think, even after you've turned it off.

This! A million times this!

Anyway I don't think there's a way to talk sense into the people that already hate this game for some unknown reason. It's too bad because finally there's a game that brings some originality into the gaming world and because it's original it get immediately dropped by a lot of people.

User Info: agrissa

6 years ago#42
Catherine is a mature game for grown-ups. Unlike 99% of rated "M" games out there that actually caters to kids with ADD and unhealthy appetite for blood, gore and immature nudity.
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User Info: gundamaniacx20a

6 years ago#43
So the fact that my girlfriend played and loved the game, and also plays agarest war, must mean she likes them just for the sex right?....

seriously, if you haven't played either, don't talk about them like you know them. Catherine is about the trials a man goes through when he cheats, no about sex. there's hardly anything other than the cover to suggest that....
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User Info: gilv3r

6 years ago#44
Nice to see so many butthurt people upset about this game. When will people learn not every game has to suit their taste?
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User Info: Mikaeel

6 years ago#45
I dont get the hype either, I mean its not a bad game, it's weird but I didn't think it was better in scope compared to say a Demon's Souls which you loved or hated based on the difficulty. Maybe it's cause I'm not really into puzzle games but I'll leave it at that, no use trying to flame a game if I'm not really into the genre.
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User Info: SnoochNumber2

6 years ago#46
I've seen so many people on this board claiming that the only reason anyone is buying Catherine is because of the "suggestive themes". Do these people have any idea how many games have been released in the past with "suggestive themes" on the label? Catherine is not the first game to put sex appeal right out there on the cover. It's also not the first game that people have bought simply because it's a good game. Why are there so many people who think just because a game has sex as a theme that it can't possibly be any good? The puzzle element is fun and very challenging, and the story is excellent, are these not the real reasons people are buying this? I know it's why I bought it.
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User Info: MourningReigns

6 years ago#47
JokaRemix117 posted...
to be frank: it's different, so gamers and reviewers are eating it up and over hyping it

Yep, just like LA Noire. When it's put to the side and revisited in a few months, the feelings will of amazement will fall drastically.
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