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John Goodman is in Rage!?

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User Info: usernamestuff

6 years ago#41
*cancels preorder*
Number of times suspended for equating NBA players to criminals: 1

User Info: zooknut

6 years ago#42
^ lolol

User Info: carcypher

6 years ago#43
cordsman posted...
^ You're out of your element!

But dude!
im the DUDE!
He's my favourite robot pal! Ishi was ok, but he wasn't fifty feet tall! Its a pretty cool party, come and see! You can get a robot and come killing with me!

User Info: bluehat94

6 years ago#44
i noticed that he was as well, thats freaking awesome, this was a Day 1 buy for me already, but im gonna go fully pay it off now
"Dude nevermind. You simply dont have the cognitive capacity to comprehend whats going on here."-xXHighBoostXx

User Info: Generic1o1

6 years ago#45
This isn't Vietnam, there are rules
"Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here! "
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