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PS3 Audio DTS/DD Issue

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User Info: cantstopmewily

6 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

got an issue here that has been bothering me for a while, maybe you guys can help out.

First, my setup:
PS3 Fat
Yamaha HTR 5730 Receiver
Samsung HDTV

PS3 FAT > HDMI Out to HDTV > Optical Out into the Receiver.

I set the sound options to enable DTS and Dolby Digital. Through the bitstream setting, I am able to get a true 5.1 Dolby Digital signal from blu ray movies, but many BD movies are DTS only. I am unable to get a signal from any DTS-only BD. If i switch to PCM from bitstream in the PS3 BD menu, i am able to get a ProLogic signal but I want the real deal! Does anyone know what's going on?

I first thought it might be the optical out return from the tv to the receiver...but then I saw a "DTS compatible" label on the back of my tv. My receiver is supposedly also DTS compatible as well.

If any body has any info, please do share. Even if its a redirection to another, more specific message board. Thanks!

User Info: SamusFarron

6 years ago#2
Optical can only handle a PCM signal in stereo. If you want discrete surround without Pro-Logic, and are using an optical cable to carry the signal, it must be set to bitstream. So don't even bother fiddling with that, you need to set it to bitstream under "Video settings" on the PS3 - and leave all Linear PCM boxes unchecked (except stereo) in the PS3 "Audio Settings".

That being said, the problem may be compatibility. Unlike Dolby Digital, which should process regardless of the codec your receiver uses - older DTS codecs may not work with newer DTS encoding. Your receiver appears to be pretty old, and it's DTS codec simply may not be compatible with some newer DTS encoding.

Good reason to upgrade though. A new receiver will make a huge difference for you, especially if you have nice speakers. Not to mention you could plug in with HDMI, and get full Linear PCM support as well as get support for DD-HD and DTS-HD and their variants.

Look into Pioneer's newer line from this year or last year. Especially the VSX-820-k and the VSX-1020-k. Can be gotten online for less than a couple hundred bucks, support everything available right now (including 3D passthrough), and have a very hefty powerplant in them. Granted I'm only recommending it because it is what I use; any modern receiver will make a huge difference for you.
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