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Top 10 Emotional/Sad Scenes In Games *Spoilers, duh!*

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User Info: MyPhantomile

6 years ago#31
TranslatorTom posted...
PopoloCrois is the only game that made me cry...

Funny, it seemed so childish at first.

Popolocrois had me in tears at the ending. Although I do believe the Japanese PS1 game, Popolocrois Monogatari II did a better job of it, I still had to shed a tear when we saw Narcia effectively sacrifice herself for Pietoro.

Another personal favourite is Klonoa's ending. Not the crappy remake, but the original, PS1 ending. For a game that's considered cutesy, the ending was a massive kick in the nuts and one that'll make anybody tear up.

Nier, of course. I'm a big fan of it and the whole second playthrough had me in tears.

While I didn't cry at Drakengard, I did get upset, particularly in the (first?) ending where Angelus offers herself up to be the seal. Good character development as we see her slowly begin to have faith in the humans.

Silent Hill. When we see Lisa and her transformation, that was shocking to say the least. I don't think anybody really expected it to happen but it did. Her whole backstory only made it worse.
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User Info: mx_703

6 years ago#32
End of KH, my first ps2 game.

End of MGS4. From microwave scene and on.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. If you play the game, you know. I'm not gonna spoil it.

I cannot think of more, but I know there is.
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User Info: ckielthy

6 years ago#33
Read Dead Redemption for me.

I got it at launch so the internet muppets hadn't spoiled the story yet.
Never had a game kick me in the balls & wake me up like this did.

User Info: Cloudtail4ever

6 years ago#34
Let's see... Games that tugged my emotional strings... I'll try to keep this as spoiler free/vague as possible: in no order

1. Crisis Core's ending, as already stated by many others. Even though I knew what would happen.
2. Uncharted 2's ending (rather, the scenes leading up to it plus the ending)
3. One ending of Dragon Age: Origins (First playthrough, human noble, romancing Alistair, didn't take Morrigan's offer and took Alistair with me to the Archdemon. Oh how oblivious I was).
4. Ending of Red Dead Redemption. Not that I was necessarily sad at what happened, more or less shocked, and the way they portrayed everything was excellent.
5. Kingdom Hearts ending (the first). This was my first "real" video game (real meaning not Spyro, Crash, or Pokemon) and as a 13 year old girl on an emotional roller coaster, this one hit me hard. And looking back... It's not even that sad ._.
6. Shadow of the Colossus. Riding over that bridge... Yeah, that was awful.
7. Fable 2's final "boss" (lolboss). Mostly because of the dog...
8. Prince of Persia 2008's ending. This one got me good. Then they threw in that epilogue, and instead of feeling sad, I was insanely annoyed at where it led. To top it off, no sequel, even though they were clearly leading up to one.

That's about it, I think... I was mildly sad at Sully's apparent death in UC1 my first time around, too, but not enough to be put on the list. And I knew Aerith's death was coming.
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