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Mugged boy in riots to have console replaced by Sony!

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User Info: Evel138

6 years ago#41
stevetrop posted...
CarsAndGuitarsx posted...
SonyIsGod posted...
Here Sony are proving to be the good Samaritans of the gaming industry, good thing this isn't MS or he would just get a free timed exclusive map pack :(


Nah, MicroSuck will just pat him in the back and say "Sorry" then walk away pretending to feel bad for the person. That's about it. LOL.

Sony has a heart, at least. Very cool of them to help the poor kid. Hopefully those d__ks will be found and all of them get thrown into jail. Pigs

Microsoft very much as a heart. Gamers of console can claim Microsoft and Bill Gates as being evil or a heartless corporation yet in reality the company and the workers for it donated billions.

"Microsoft and Its Employees Surpass $2.5 Billion Mark Through Charitable Donations"

Spew all your hatred on a competing console company all you want but next time understand that Microsoft has a heart and they do share their wealth to the less fortunate around the world.

Easy now......fact and logic only serves to confound them.

As for the boy, the PSP and SONY.......SCEE Marketing Director Alan Duncan, sure, it could very well considered PR, but I'm willing to give Alan Duncan the benefit of the doubt as, ya know a human being that genuinely wishes to help. There is such a thing as a "win win situation" afaik.
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User Info: almasbaby

6 years ago#42
ComfortablySad posted...
Millions of dollars in advertising for the cost of a PsP. Sony doesn't care about the kid AT ALL!

So cynical. Maybe they have human beings on the staff and somebody thought it would be a nice thing to do... which it was.

User Info: Ultimate_Timmeh

6 years ago#43
Sony shouldn't replace this kid's PSP. People seem to overlook the fact that this kid was also part of
the riotting gang. He was also planning on breaking, destroying and stealing stuff, if only he didn't get
hurt. Who knows, maybe the PSP he had in his bag was already stolen.
PSN: Ultimate_Timmeh

User Info: ponderingcow

6 years ago#44
ChildOfTheSun posted...
CrimsonGear80 posted...
Yeah, it sucks when you can only see things one-sided because of god-knows-what type of bitterness you hold in your husk of a human form...

Somebody needs a hug today. C'mere Tiger!

I want a hug now

It is nice of Sony does it really matter if it was a pr stunt or not, still a good thing
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