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backing up hard drive data ?

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User Info: magiceddie05

6 years ago#11
^^^ sorry for the confusion man. what i meant about the recover thing is when i set my dads psn account up it gave me the option of using an already existing account or make a new one. basically if it for some reason doesn't transfer to my new hard drive can i just sign up again and click the option to use an existing account ?

now just to be on the safe side in the encrypted files on my external is it supposed to have only 5 or 6 files on there for all the psn data ? i apologize for the novel sized post but i would hate to lose all my data and buy my games again.

User Info: SauceyWombat

6 years ago#12
You'll never need to repurchase your games again. They're permanently included in your PSN download list. You can download them for all eternity on up to 5 ps3/psp consoles.
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