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C/D You liked Alpha Protocol.

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User Info: Soul_Intruder

6 years ago#11

Started a second playthrough right after I finished my first.

And it was a totally different experience.

User Info: no2morro

6 years ago#12

If you didn't like it, that's life, but I think those who didn't likely didn't pump enough into shooting accuracy and know enough about RPG stats so as to how to get the most of it. The stat building side is almost exactly like Mass Effect. Awesome fun, and I actually prefered it to ME.
'Hope' is the first step on the road to: disappointment.

User Info: desert_santa

6 years ago#13
A big C for me, thought it was pretty good and would have loved another. Worth my sixty bucks(£40). However it took me 20 minutes plus to get into it, before that I was worried I had bought a game with pretty bad gameplay at first as I had trouble shooting lol

User Info: Ajescent

6 years ago#14
it had its flaws but it was fun to say the least.
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