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Uncharted 3: Collectors Edition

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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#1
Did anyone else pre-order this version? It has a lot of sweet bonuses with it! I normally don't get limited or collectors editions of any game but I found it hard to resist the U3 one.
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User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

6 years ago#2
I had to make do with preordering the standard edition (as much as I ****ing want the collector's) because there are so many other games coming out, plus I have other stuff in my life that I need to spend money on (Curse you college!) D=
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User Info: slymshady

6 years ago#3
I went with the regular version. Collectors edition for the majority mean **** now, since they usually find there way to the clearance bin eventually. Unless its shipped in extremely limited quantities, they are nothing special. I also like the look of the normal blu ray case. I don't want something that looks huge and out of place

User Info: SocialAssassin

6 years ago#4
I don't think the Uncharted 3 CE is worth it. It's nice, but I'm not gonna spend $100 on a statue, a big box, a necklace and belt buckle I won't use or wear.

If it came with the game in a steelbook and the statue for $80, I would consider it.
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User Info: gibby_1982

6 years ago#5
I preordered it too :)
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