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What's everyone playing at the moment?

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User Info: psprulz2007

6 years ago#41
Mgs4 again
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User Info: PrinceYoshi

6 years ago#42
Forza 3 waiting for Forza 4

User Info: Po-Rayu

6 years ago#43
El Shaddai, Valkyria Chronicles, Suikoden 2, and Mass Effect 2.
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User Info: vandbballa

6 years ago#44
Portal 2- finishing up the co-op and working towards platinum.
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User Info: EspicaGF

6 years ago#45
Super Stardust HD
Castle Crashers

User Info: Whahoppen

6 years ago#46
Infamous 2, but mostly I'm just working long overtime hours. Haven't had much of a chance to play.
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User Info: BigSaltyDookie

6 years ago#47
Red Dead Redemption (360)
Borderlands GotY (PC)
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User Info: OmegaArchetype

6 years ago#48
Just platinum'd (as in a few seconds ago,) SOCOM 4. The AI in that game is the worst I think I've ever seen.

It's almost as if Zipper put no effort into it whatsoever. Let's not forget how cheap Elite difficulty is. However halfway through the campaign I finally figured out the tactics to use to get through and didn't have too much issues with the rest of it.

Glad it's over with and I likely will not be touching the single player ever again. Multiplayer is what makes that game good. The singleplayer is fun...however the ******* AI almost ruins it entirely.

PS: When I'm talking about AI I mean the squads that you control. Wells, Schweizer, Park and Chung. They're absolutely dimwitted and bumbling ID10Ts.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

6 years ago#49
Ninety Nine Nights II and ilomilo for PS3 nothing atm waiting for Disgaea 4 only.
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

6 years ago#50
Just finished up Lost Planet 2 (working on the Hard Playthrough with Co-op now)
Beat Bad Company 2 today (single player)
Next up is either Alpha Protocol or Dead Space 2
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