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Still a good time to get a PS3?

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User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

6 years ago#11
I agree get it now if you want to, ps4 not out til l2014 I tell you that. We wil lstart hearing more about the next gen consoles next year, and I also see Nintendo not getting the wii-u out next year like they want, as they will be more careful, they may wait until they have a good launch lineup before releasing it.

Nintendo says they want to get it out next year, I dont see it, especially with the 3ds not doing so well and Nintendo already saying they need to be more careful with the wii-u especially if they want to make money right out of the gate. Just my assumption.

If Nintendo is not ready by next year they shouldnt bring it out til they are ready, unless they get spooked by Sony and MS with there next gen consoles.

Lelouch I expect you are going to disagree with me since you defend Nintendo to the core, but I dont see it happening next year, for Nintendo sake they better hope SOny and MS does not start showing off there next gen console as it will most likely boost newer tech making the eds tech obsolete again. My opinion only since it will ruffle a few feathers on here.
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User Info: J-Fly

6 years ago#12
Waiting for the PS4 is like me waiting for the Audi TTRS to come the the U.S. In other words, who knows how long you'll be waiting.
PSN: J-Fly
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